Thursday, May 25, 2017


With the end of the school year ... I am finally fully retired.  I've left the friendly/hostile environs of southern Missouri and relocated to Michigan to share a house and live with my honey. I've spent the last two weeks mostly packing, moving and then unpacking. I believe I've mentioned on this blog before, way back in the beginning, how much I hate moving. That hasn't changed.

Anyway I'll be posting about my adventures and activities on a separate blog which I'm naming

Loafing on the Third Coast (Lot3C)

Heard on the radio the other day that Michigan is second only to Alaska in miles of coastline. More than California, Texas and even Florida! Wow. Of course it's all freshwater coast ... and there IS something to be said for saltwater coastlines. Still .. that's a lot of places to explore and experience. 

This blog will continue to be a puzzling/boardgame/book blog. Stamps and stuff will be posted over on my Stamps & Postal History blog. 

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